Season 1 Episode 6: Bringing Geometry and Algebra to Life – Scott Burke explains!

In this episode, Hans talks with Scott Burke, co-creator of two innovative and very effective contextual math programs, one for Geometry and one for Algebra. These two programs are exemplars of how career connections can deepen and enrich student learning.  We’ll learn how the programs work and how they are working in schools across the United States.

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More about the Geometry in Construction Program and Amped on Algebra from Contextual Learning Concepts, LLC.

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About our Guest

Scott Burke is in his 20th year of being an administrator, classroom teacher, and innovative pioneer with contextual/integrated learning.  Throughout his career he has collaborated with others to develop two contextual programs program called Geometry in Construction and AMPED on Algebra.

Annually, students who are enrolled in the Geometry in Construction program build a house for a local family in need while simultaneously learning all of their rigorous math content.  To date the Geometry in Construction program has been replicated in over 650 schools nationwide.

In fact, NBC Nightly News featured the program during its newscast on June 3, 2018.

Geometry in Construction has been featured on many news affiliates throughout the country including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News.

Beginning in the fall of 2014 the same team of dedicated teachers lead by Burke launched a second contextual/integrated program called AMPED on Algebra that used the platform the Geometry in Construction program was built upon.  The AMPED on Algebra program has been adopted as a superior way to teach Algebra 1 and is currently being offered in just over 250 schools nationwide.

After relocating to the Denver metro area due to better job opportunities for his wife, Burke began working for Jefferson County Public Schools during the summer of 2018 as the Coordinator of Contextual Learning.

Through Burke’s current professional position, he is charged with bringing these two programs to all 22 high schools across the largest school district in Colorado over the next 5 years.  Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year there are 12 total high schools that are up and running with the Geometry in Construction and AMPED on Algebra programs within the Jefferson County School system.

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