Engage.Connect Webcast Series

Through my travels, consulting and participating in various education conferences, I’ve met some wonderful people who are doing some amazing work.  We decided to start a webcast series highlighting important innovations in education relating to the pathways movement. Hearing what others are doing around the country can help us gain important insights and real life examples that we can use in our own state and local work; and just as important, it can also motivate us to continue our efforts to make the biggest possible difference for our youth and young adults that we serve.

In my first webcast, I interviewed Sonja Wright-McMurray, Associate Director for Career and Technical Education – Special Projects for The Arkansas Department of Career Education. She and her team are doing some fantastic work through their Arkansas Career Coaching Program. In this webcast, we explore Arkansas’ innovative approach to getting college and career specialists into the schools to supplement the counseling department and help students develop plans and strategies for accessing postsecondary education with a solid career plan.

To ease the burden of a busy schedule, you can view/listen to these webcasts anytime day or night!

Watch it here!

And here’s a sneak peak.  In the next webcast we release, we’ll learn about the exciting efforts of Illinois’ High School District 214 to take work-based learning to scale.  Stay tuned for the next installment!

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