Our Vision

Our vision is that, “Every learner will have a dream and a plan, and every community will have a capable and ready workforce.”

Schools and colleges should help students to develop their personal dreams by exposing them to the myriad opportunities available to them, and giving them the tools to hone in on a unique personal vision that aligns with their talents and interests; students should also develop career navigation skills so they can act upon practical plans to achieve those dreams. All of this is predicated, of course, on providing a sound academic foundation as well as a solid set of career and life readiness competencies that will prepare them for successful adulthood.

To complement preparation of individuals, we balance our vision with the need for communities to have capable and ready workforces. This means that job creators are valued and part of the local conversation, so students gain the skills and knowledge needed to grow vibrant local companies and good-paying jobs. This approach leads to healthier, prosperous communities and greater individual and family well-being.

Our Mission

We believe that the pathways approach will bring greater relevance and meaning to education, engaging youth and young adults toward greater effort, and creating a more dynamic workforce.

To help move toward this shared vision, the Mission of NC3T is to effectively communicate the power and promise of Career Connected Learning, and among the local and state leaders who choose to take action, help develop their knowledge, skills and overall capacity to move forward with this agenda.

Our History

Hans Meeder NC3T was founded in 2012 by Hans Meeder, a thought leader in the area of career/college pathways who has served as a policy adviser in Congress, a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education at the U.S. Department of Education, and as a provider of technical assistance and coaching to dozens of state education agencies and local school districts. Hans came to the conclusion that, with few exceptions, most education reform initiatives are not touching the heart and soul of students, and by leaving schools wholly disconnected from their communities, fail to provide the real-world links that engage students and provide them with needed relevance.

Brett PawlowskiNC3T’s co-founder, Brett Pawlowski, has spent his career helping foster business/ education partnership programs. He too felt the need to engage his knowledge and skills specifically on college-career pathways and the role that employers play in making these efforts as successful and meaningful as possible.