NC3T staff offers expert workshops, professional development sessions, and keynote addresses that focus on a range of topics, including Career Connected Learning, College and Career Pathways, Employer and Community Engagement, and Career & Technical Education.

These engaging and inspiring events are designed so that teachers, education leaders, and business partners can improve their work on behalf of students, in areas such as pathways development, STEM education, and building strong and sustainable business/education partnerships.

Career Connected Learning

CareerSmart Classrooms – Professional Learning Program

Onsite Workshop, Hans Meeder
With the growing emphasis across the nation on career readiness, many teachers are being asked to integrate career readiness into their classrooms. However, many who teach the “core academic subjects” of English language arts, mathematics, history/social studies, and science, and other teachers of academic electives like the arts and social sciences, might not have any practical steps they can take.
The National Center for College and Career Transitions (NC3T) is offering a new professional development experience designed to help all teachers embrace Career Readiness while still effectively delivering their core content.
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Career Connected Learning – the Future of American Talent Development

Keynote Address, Hans Meeder, Brett Pawlowski
Career Connected Learning is a mind-set shift in education and a realm of interconnected strategies to bring real-world relevance and powerful learning experiences into American schools and colleges.  In this talk, Hans Meeder explains why America’s education system is still leaving too many children ill-prepared to make successful transitions to further education and careers, and how this design flaw in education puts the American economy and social fabric at risk.  It is a call to action for state and local leaders to redesign education to value and incorporate Career Connected Learning at all levels of education, led through regional partnerships, and supported by smart state and federal policy solutions.

Career Connected Learning Workshop or Online Learning Modules

Workshop or On-Line Learning Modules, Hans Meeder, Brett Pawlowski, Joann Hudak
In this half-day workshop or series of online learning modules, NC3T provides an introduction to key concepts of Career Connected Learning and helps education leaders design a series of action steps to incorporate CCL at all levels of their education system.   The Workshop version is a half-day event.  The online learning version consists of five 90-minute modules for individualized self-paced learning, supported by a series of group discussion questions for use by district- or school-based implementation teams.

College-Career Pathways –Harnessing the Power and Promise of Pathways

Keynote Presentation, Hans Meeder
What are college-career pathways and how can they transform results for my school district’s students? During this talk, Hans Meeder will explain how regional college-career pathway systems are supported and led by alliances of educators, employers, and civic organizations, drawing from case studies of communities using college-career pathway strategies to transform education.

Participants will be able to: Explain the benefits and impact of college-career pathways systems to their colleagues and community and business partners; Explain how a business/civic/education alliance can work together to plan and implement a college-career pathway system; and, Understand and connect to the emerging national movement and organizations that are support college-career pathway systems.

Participants can also receive copies of Hans Meeder’s groundbreaking book, The Power and Promise of Pathways, available at a special discount rate.

Employer Engagement

Building and Managing Effective Advisory Boards

Workshop or Presentation, Brett Pawlowski or Hans Meeder
Advisory boards are one of the pillars of effective CTE programs, serving as a channel for industry to provide input on their needs along with the kind of guidance and resources that can drive your efforts. This half-day workshop covers the essentials of building and managing an effective advisory board, including how to recruit the right members, how to structure your board, how to set the right goals, and how to manage the board in a way that produces real results for your students and staff.

Building Strong and Sustainable Business Partnerships

Workshop or Presentation, Brett Pawlowski, Hans Meeder, Joann Hudak
Partnerships are a critical resource for preparing students for the workforce, and all parties involved – educators, employers, and students – can benefit greatly from working together. This half-day workshop will focus on the “why” and the “how” of partnerships, helping attendees understand the essential principles of strong industry partnerships, how to find and approach business partners, how to change their advisory boards from passive to active, and how to leverage eight different partnership models for maximum

Building a Strong Work-Based Learning Program

Workshop or Presentation, Brett Pawlowski, Hans Meeder, Joann Hudak
Work-based learning is a cornerstone of an effective CTE program. This half-day workshop covers all the elements of a strong work-based learning program, including how to identify and recruit business partners, how to set student and business outcomes, how to structure a high-quality experience, and how to monitor progress and evaluate outcomes.

Education Leadership

CTE Leadership for 2020 and Beyond

Keynote Address and Team Workshop: Hans Meeder
CTE Leadership is demanding, because leaders must successfully navigate and influence between several strands of endeavor, including general education reform, postsecondary education and training, workforce development, economic development and employer and community partnerships.

In the keynote address, Hans Meeder explains his Leadership Framework consists of five elements:

  • Understanding the past and legacy of Pathways, CTE, and STEM education
  • Developing a Personal Leadership Core
  • Envisioning the future of CTE and Career Connected Learning
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Sustaining Change and Managing Continuous Improvement

In the workshop version, small teams of administrators and teachers who work on Pathways/CTE/STEM implementation are brought together to develop all aspects of leadership so they can work together successfully in this complex environment. The workshop is highly interactive with peer learning, goal-setting, implementation planning, and problem-solving activities incorporated. The workshop requires a minimum of six hours, but two days is preferred.