Together, we will see that every learner has a dream and a plan, and every community has a capable, ready workforce.

What is Career Connected Learning?

Career Connected Learning is one of the most effective strategies for improving student outcomes. It’s been seen time and again in Career and Technical Education programs, career academies and Pathways initiatives like those in Nashville, TN and elsewhere.

How We Can Help

NC3T is guiding the development of effective and innovative Career Connected Learning initiatives designed to increase student achievement and address workforce trends.

NC3T Support

As you develop your vision and implement your strategic plan, NC3T can support your efforts in the following ways:

Diagnostic Meeting/Asset
Inventory and Analysis

Visioning and
Implementation Planning

The NC3T coach conducts a series of small group interviews using the NC3T Asset Inventory tool. During these meetings, the consultant assesses the current state of a potential pathways infrastructure and identifies and documents the existing activities, policies, and practices that can contribute to a robust pathways system. NC3T facilitates a visioning and planning session with your education, workforce, employer, and community partners to capture the ideas and perspectives of all stakeholders. The NC3T site coach then works with your team to create a pathway system implementation plan that includes goals, strategies, action steps, timelines, assignments, and accountability metrics.

Pathways Institutes

Career Development Plan

An opportunity for education and community leaders in your district or region to participate in a guided learning effort to increase their understanding and expertise on pathways. NC3T develops a K-Adult career development plan that incorporates career awareness, exploration and preparation activities throughout students’ educational environment.

Communications and
Branding Plan

Technical Assistance

NC3T creates a plan to spread the pathway system’s core messages. This may include an internal “brand promise,” development of a tagline and logo, talking points and presentation templates, and an action plan to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. NC3T can help with technical analysis and planning, such as analyzing your current course offerings and helping to map them to a cohesive pathways sequence, or working with employers to help you identify desired student competencies and course outcomes.

Virtual and On-Site

Other Types of
Pathways Support

The NC3T site coach initiates regular calls with the local liaison and other core planning team members and conducts a site visit every other month for planning and problem-solving. NC3T can also support your work via keynote presentations, customized pathways research and development, virtual coaching, and an array of professional development options tailored to the needs of pathways sites, including everything from business engagement to scheduling.

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