The Why for Creating a Profile of a Graduate

Remember the fable of the blind men and the elephant?  Depending on where they stood, everyone had a different definition of what the elephant was. Similarly, in education, we talk about preparing young people for Career, College, and Life Readiness, but honestly, we often carry slightly different models of what that means.grad-pic

Thus – there is ENORMOUS value in bringing parents, teens, educators and the broader community together to create a shared “Profile of a Graduate.” This has been a growing movement in education, encouraged along the way by Battelle for Kids.[1]

Take a look at the video that we at NC3T recently produced explaining the value of a shared Profile of a Graduate, and what the elements of that profile could include.

I would love to hear how your district and community is using the Profile of a Graduate to build connection and common purpose.  I’ll share more soon about three big action steps to create your profile, communicate about it, and turn it into reality.

Also, click here to download NC3T’s sample Profile of a Graduate!

[1] See


Hans Meeder is President of NC3T, the National Center for College and Career Transitions ( NC3T provides planning, coaching, technical assistance and tools to help community-based leadership teams plan and implement their college-career pathway systems and strengthen employer connections with education. 

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