Read the New Report – Career Readiness for All

On April 3, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, the newly formed Coalition for Career Development unveiled its landmark policy paper,  “Career Readiness for All.” NC3T is a member of the Coalition and our aim is to ensure that career development is a central focus of K-12, postsecondary and adult education.

We at NC3T had the honor of working on a final edit of report, and I’m delighted to share it with you.

Click here to download a copy.

The report suggests Five Pillars of a Solution framework.  The pillars are: Prioritizing career planning: Providing professional career advising: Emphasizing applied and work-based learning:  Providing high-quality career development technology; and, Ensuring accountability.

This is an important report; you’ll find it is easy to read and not too long. One of the primary authors of the report is Bill Symonds, who is an author of another important work, “Pathways to Prosperity” from 2011.  It’s meant to be read and shared. It will provide excellent information for conversation and action.  Make sure to download a copy and share it with all your influencers in your network.

Thanks, Hans

Hans Meeder is President of NC3T, the National Center for College and Career Transitions (  NC3T provides planning, coaching, technical assistance and tools to help community-based leadership teams plan and implement their college-career pathway systems and strengthen employer connections with education

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