New Tools to Help You Build Pathway Programs and Systems!


Are you responsible for designing Pathway Programs of Study or integrated Pathways systems? The Pathways System Design Suite is a new collection of planning resources from NC3T to guide you through every stage – planning, community engagement, and implementation – as you undertake this important work.

The Design Suite includes:

  • The Pathway Program Design Guide: This is a simple-to-follow guide for designing a Pathways Program or upgrading an existing CTE program into a Pathway Program, compliant with requirements of Perkins V.
  • The Pathways System Decision Guide: This is a step-by-step guide to help your leadership team make the key decisions that lead to a world-class Career Pathways System.
  • The Pathways System Resource Kit: The Pathways System Resource Kit is a collection of forms, templates, talking points, and fact sheets that your leadership team can draw upon as you work through the Decision Guide to design, develop, and promote your pathways initiative.

To learn more about these products, visit our bookstore to review additional information on each, including Tables of Contents.


Watch a Webinar about the Pathways Design Suite:

Hans Meeder, President of NC3T, hosted several live webinars to unveil the Design Suite tools, provide a close look at each tool, and answer questions that audience members might have about how to implement them in your school, district, community coalition, or college.