People with Skills – A Thanksgiving Tribute

As you know, I earn my keep through reading, conducting research and interviews, writing and speaking, activities which are pretty much done in my head and through my mouth.

But today, I want to give thanks for some of the very special people in my life that have made a practical difference with their skills.

I want to thank the EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS who came to the restaurant where I was having breakfast with a friend as he had some sort of a seizure or mini stroke. These medical technicians were caring, smart and efficient. They made a confusing and scary situation more bearable. Luckily, my friend is okay.

I want to thank the HVAC TECHNICIAN who came to my home late one winter night (after midnight), to revive our oil burner so we had heat in the house, and didn’t have to freeze through the night. It was December 30, and about 15 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. I have never felt so thankful to see a person ring the doorbell outside our front door. In that 30 minutes, he was truly a SUPERHERO!

I want to thank the NURSES AND MEDICAL TECHNICIANS who helped deliver my beautiful grandson and take good care of his mom (my daughter) this August after a long and somewhat difficult labor.

I want to thank the MASTER ELECTRICIAN who solved an outlet failure mystery in our kitchen and helped prevent an electrical fire.

I want to thank the AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS who, while not inexpensive, have helped keep our small fleet of cars running efficiently and safely over the years.

And, of course, I want to thanks the many caring and professional TEACHERS who taught me basic skills, and then helped me develop, expand and refine my natural strengths and aptitudes. I hope my life is paying back the debt I owe to them.

I could go on and on.

Isn’t it interesting how the people that often make the most direct positive impact on our lives are the people who went to college or technical training school to receive a very tangible skill set? These are often the unsung heroes of the world, but their heart and their skills make each of our lives so much better.

During this Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, let’s keep our hearts filled with gratitude to the many skilled people in our lives.

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