Here Are Some Quick Hits for Summertime Viewing and Reading

Looking for some interesting summertime viewing and reading?

Here are some key reports and viewing opportunities I’ve been socking away in recent weeks.

 The Convergence of STEM and Career Technical Education — NC3T Webcast

My good friend, Claus Von Zastrow from Change the Equation, a national STEM organization, recently recorded a webcast with me where we review some fascinating data and concepts on the intersection of STEM and Career Technical Education.

The biggest take away that I got from the webcast was that the Career Technical Education (CTE) and STEM are education siblings.  In fact, much of CTE is really what can be called “applied STEM” because it applies science, tech, engineering and math concepts in the context of skills and knowledge related to a particular career field.

It is nice to have a well-respected STEM organization like Change the Equation making this argument.

View the webcast and download the PowerPoint slide deck here:

How To Earn Six Figures Without A Four-Year Degree — NPR Webcast        

This past Monday, June 12, the NPR talk show 1A with Joshua Johnson featured the issue of blue collar jobs that pay well.  The guests talked about technical training and apprenticeship models, and how the myth that all good jobs require a four-year degree is being successfully challenged across the country.

52% of the NPR audience have a four-year college degree or higher, so it is great to get a reality-based message about the variety of postsecondary and career options out to this group of listeners.

Listen to the episode at: 

National Academies Press, Building America’s Skilled Technical Workforce

Here’s a new book from the National Academies, the pre-eminent national authority on all things scientific and technical.  The book “examines the coverage, effectiveness, flexibility, and coordination of the policies and various programs that prepare Americans for skilled technical jobs.”  You can buy the book at $85 (ouch), or download a FREE pdf of the report (yay!).

NAS reports are pretty technical, but they are well researched and authoritative.  It’s worth at least skimming this report.  See it here: Building America’s Skilled Technical Workforce Report

Enjoy the viewing, listening and reading this summer – hopefully with some sand between your toes!


Hans Meeder is President of NC3T, the National Center for College and Career Transitions (  NC3T provides planning, coaching, technical assistance and tools to help community-based leadership teams plan and implement their college-career pathway systems and strengthen employer connections with education.

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