Do you want to provide great work-based learning opportunities for students, build a strong and active advisory board, and gain countless other benefits that come with strong employer support? NC3T’s Employer Engagement Services can help you find and engage employer partners and maximize their involvement.

Seamless WBL

Work-based learning is an incredibly powerful strategy for student engagement and preparation, but the reality is that it’s time-intensive, and there’s not a lot of information out there on how to do it well. Seamless was created to change that.

Seamless WBL is intended to serve as your virtual assistant in order to make work-based learning as easy and fast as possible. Our goal with Seamless is to help you find and manage partners; set up and manage work-based learning experiences; set up and manage your advisory boards; generate reports on work-based learning activities; and access training on building strong partnerships and work-based learning programs.

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Free Mini-Course: Finding and Engaging Employer Partners

One of the biggest challenges in CTE is finding partners to support your work-based learning efforts and drive your advisory board. Most people feel uncomfortable making cold calls, and educators are no exception, so we put off that outreach work as long as we can. However, there are partnership development strategies that don’t involve those dreaded cold calls, and there is an established process for turning those prospects into committed partners and advocates. Join Brett Pawlowski of NC3T, lead author of The Employer Engagement Toolkit, to find out how you can build the partnerships you’ve always wanted.

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NC3T offers several publications to help you get started on employer engagement, including:

  • The Employer Engagement Toolkit – A soup-to-nuts guide to building strong and sustainable industry partnerships
  • Self-Assessment Series: Work-based learning – A self-assessment tool to help you evaluate your current work-based learning efforts
  • Forms on File: Work-Based Learning – Multiple templates to help you set up activities like internships, job shadows, and more
  • Forms on File: Advisory Boards – Multiple templates to help you run your advisory board, including bylaws, agendas, minutes, and more

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Consulting and Technical Assistance

NC3T has worked with several school districts and state departments of education to help them review the current state of employer engagement and build a strategy towards outreach and participation in planning, work-based learning, advisory boards, measurement and more.

Wherever you are in your journey, NC3T’s Employer Engagement Services can help you confidently take that next step. If you’d like to learn more, visit the links above or contact Brett Pawlowski at [email protected] or 410-740-2006 x5.