COMING EARLY 2022! A More Robust Career Connected Learning Platform

Over 50 percent of high school seniors and recent graduates say that no one in their high school helped them discover their career interests or helped them think about career options. That means that at least half of American teens are making decisions about postsecondary education and training or work after high school with very little understanding about what career options might be a good fit for them.

With CareerSmart Schools, every educator, school counselor, and administrator can access easy-to-use resources to help them implement career-related classroom lessons and schoolwide activities. As a result, the adults in the school feel more confident in delivering career-related supports, and students feel more inspired and empowered to make decisions about learning and work beyond high school.

CareerSmart Schools is designed to be used in concert with any of the widely used career exploration online systems, including YouScience, Kuder, Xello, and Naviance. CareerSmart Schools complements, but does not duplicate, the core functions of those systems.


What’s Included

The CareerSmart Schools system provides a comprehensive set of resources, including career information resources, lesson plans, activity plans, and how-to guides. There are seven sections of resources included in the base subscription.

Getting Started with Career Connected Learning

This section introduces key components of establishing a solid foundation for use of the CareerSmart platform as well as initial steps in getting started with Career Connected Learning.

If your school or district is looking to create a plan for Career Connected Learning, we’ve put together for you a sampling of templates, timelines, and sample documents to jumpstart your planning process. We also know that Creating a Communications Plan for Your CareerSmart School is a critical component to a successful initiative, so we share with you resources to create your program’s branding and marketing strategy, tools, talking points, etc.

The WHY for Career Connected Learning

This section of CareerSmart Schools provides compelling information through useful videos, ready-to-show slides, talking points, and infographics. The WHY section shares data about poor college completion rates, challenges with the “adulting” process for young adults, and the fact that millions of solid skilled jobs go unfilled because young workers don’t know about these opportunities or how to access them. This type of information helps leaders make a strong case that the status quo approach to education isn’t working well enough, even for students who are performing well academically and plan to attend a four-year college or university.

In addition to critical information about the WHY, this section also contains Think Tank Guides – simple-to-implement learning experiences for small groups of educators, helping them engage in constructive dialogue and learning around career readiness topics.

Learning About Careers

This section includes quick-start lesson plans, Career Focus Kits that contain curated information on career fields closely connected to academic courses and CTE pathways, and Career Focus Kit lesson plans.

Workplace Success Skills

Help your school or district define workplace success skills and assess student preparedness through rubrics, lessons, and activities.

Career Connected Learning Activities

We provide educators with access to guides for planning classroom and school-based activities, such as mock interviews, resume writing, and guest speakers; career-related events, like career fairs and career-focused expos; and outside off campus learning experiences, such as job shadows.

Engaging Business and Industry Partners

This section includes guides and resources about how to recruit and work with business and industry partners, so they stay engaged in your school’s Career Connected Learning activities.

Pathways Resources

This section of CareerSmart Schools features content and resources from NC3T’s Pathways System Decision Guide, Pathway System Resource Kit, and Pathway Program Design Guide.


Training and Support

CareerSmart Schools subscriptions include a variety of training and support opportunities to ensure your team gets the most out of the platform.

New User Orientation Webinars
User Community Webinars
Customer Support


Subscription Information

CareerSmart Schools is built on a web-based platform easily accessible from all devices. Schools can purchase a one-year subscription that provides access to every teacher and staff member in the school. Multi-site subscriptions are also available, and discounts apply when three or more schools are included.



A base annual subscription per high school per year is $995.
A base annual subscription per middle school per year is $795.

There is no additional cost for the main district or school administrator account.

Multi-site discounts are offered. Contact JoLynn Fletcher via email, [email protected], to learn more! 


Premium Content Coming Soon!

In Summer 2022, CareerSmart Schools will offer a new career development curriculum that can be used in a wide variety of middle school and high school environments.