Career and Life Readiness –Virginia’s New Approach 

In our work at NC3T, we talk all the time about the importance of defining Career and Life Readiness, and creating a definition that extends beyond academic readiness for postsecondary education, capturing the other elements that lead to career and life success.  You can download a copy of our integrated Career and Life Readiness definition here:

I’m very excited about how this concept is taking shape in Virginia state education policy.  New state legislation has prompted the Virginia Board of Education to create a new definition of college, work and life readiness, and it will specifically start applying their “Profile of a Virginia Graduate” to the students who are first-time 9th graders in Fall 2018.

According to the state’s website, “The Profile of a Virginia Graduate describes the knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes that students must attain to be successful in college and/or the work force and to be “life ready” in an economy and a world characterized by rapid change. The board has determined that a life-ready Virginia graduate must:

  • Achieve and apply appropriate academic and technical knowledge (content knowledge);
  • Demonstrate productive workplace skills, qualities, and behaviors (workplace skills);
  • Build connections and value interactions with others as a responsible and responsive citizen (community engagement and civic responsibility); and
  • Align knowledge, skills and personal interests with career opportunities (career exploration).”

Learn more about the emerging policy here: You can also view a short video with state education leaders explaining the concept. 

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